We are under the supervision of the Commissioner of Cooperatives, Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro Enterprise Development. In today’s regulatory environment, many financial rules are set at the international level and as a result, the African Association Credit Union of Trinidad & Tobago  (AACTT)  maintains an engaged stakeholder relationship with the Cooperative Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago (CCULTT) so as to influence global standard performance.

On behalf of our members we exist to:

  • Advocate
  • For the eradication of Poverty and promote wealth through financial inclusion.
  • Educate
  • Provide Education to all age groups with special emphasis on Financial Literacy and Sustainability
  • Develop

We develop through financial embracement, providing access to affordable, reliable and self sustainable financial services which improves lives on many different levels in harmony with the socio-economic aspirations of our communities.

We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things to promote prosperity not only in our twin island state but across the region as a whole.

To utilize our history, talent and experience in order to develop the services which will achieve socio-economic advancement and wealth accumulation among our members.

To promote thrift, develop the entrepreneurial spirit of our community in general and African persons in particular.
To provide the services which will address the economic and social needs of our community, through a jointly owned democratically controlled enterprise.

The African Association Credit Union of Trinidad & Tobago was registered in August 2003 with the Ministry of Labour and Small and Micro Enterprise Development having ben established by members of the African Association of Trinidad and Tobago. It's founder was Mrs. Patricia McCloud and the first president was Mrs. Althea Jones-Le Cointe. The second president Mrs. Lilla Williams in now the current President. Up until April 2016 the products and services of the credit union were marketed within the confines of the Association but with the formation of additional organisations within the African communities our services are now being offered to a larger population. Our aim then and now is to promote prosperity in our communities.

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