At the AACTT we pledge an alliance with our members to create and preserve wealth so as to add value to their lives and that of their families through best practices and continuous service.

We will assist by taking a holistic approach in assessing their current financial situation, using a wealth of knowledge and experience provided by a qualified team of professionals to monitor progress continuously, thereby providing appropriate and meticulously designed financial solutions when needed, so that individuals can successfully achieve their specific financial goals and objectives.

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Share Account

The credit union’s ability to lend is built upon the foundation of “share savings”. The value of one share is Twenty dollars TT ($20.00) Members are required to purchase a minimum of twenty (20) shares annually to maintain active financial status. ( Ref. Bye Laws/Shares)

  • Affords membership/ownership
  • Annual dividends paid
  • Used as collateral for loans

The following options can be used to promote growth of both your share and other investment accounts:

  • Cash and cheque payments
  • Salary deductions
  • Standing orders
  • Post dated cheques

First Reward Youth Savings Account

An essential undertaking for students to inculcate financial discipline by helping them to save, plan and manage their finances from an early age.

  • Ages 7 – 25
  • Start with as little as $50
  • Higher interest paid on the First $1,000.00 saved and maintained on deposit account
  • Gift and membership kit on opening account
  • $50.00 share bonus for the first $1,000.00 saved in share account

Deposit Savings

  • Flexible savings
  • Withdraw at any time
  • Start with as little as one hundred dollars TT ($100)
  • Interest calculated on the average monthly balance
  • Interest credit to account quarterly
  • Ease of Transfer to share account for loan transactions


A fixed deposit account is less liquid than a savings account, meaning that you must invest your funds for a specific period. Time frame and quantum of funds deposited, determines the value of interest rates paid.

Fixed deposits are available at variable rates of interest and for specific time periods.

  • Duration 1Year: 3 Year: 5 Year terms
  • Minimum deposit $1,000.00
  • Use as collateral for loans and investments
  • Competitive Interest Rates

Consumer Loans

A loan that is approved for a member on the basis of the borrower’s reputation and credit worthiness. Members shares are normally used as collateral. Supporting documents  must be provided ( invoices etc.) along with the qualifying share balance.


A mortgage loan also referred to as a mortgage is used by individuals and businesses to make large real estate purchases without paying the entire value up front. Over a period of years the borrower repays the loan plus interest, until he/she eventually owns the property.